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Installing a Furnace that is the correct size is essential to getting the best performance and comfort. Many homeowners believe that bigger is better when buying a new furnace. But in reality, a system that's too large will not keep your home comfortable because of frequent 'on/off' cycling. Incorrect sizing can also put stress on system components and shorten the equipment's life.

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Unit Types

Trane Gas Furnaces

These furnaces are well known in the industry. They boast original designs, building, testing, and re-building to ensure their products are innovative and looking toward the future.

  • The Trane S8X1 is a Single Stage 80% Efficient Furnace and features a high efficiency ECM Motor (Energy Efficient Electronically Commutated Motor) and Trane's patented blower feature. 
  • The Trane S8X2 is a Two-Stage 80% Efficient Furnace, and it also features a high efficiency ECM Motor with Trane's patented blower motor design. 

**The S8X1 and S8X2 Furnaces help reduce monthly energy bills and reduce noise. They offer a 10 year manufacturers warranty on parts.

*Trane also offers 90%+ High Efficiency Models*

*Cleaner, healthier indoor air can be achieved by adding Trane CleanEffects to your system for air filtration that removes dust, pollen, and allergens.*

RHEEM Gas Furnaces


80% Prestige Models are the "super quiet models" -- recommended for furnaces that will be installed near a bedroom or any other area which requires quiet.

  • Super Quiet 80™ Two Stage - Communicating line of Upflow/Horizontal, & Dedicated Downflow gas furnaces equipped with the Comfort Control System is designed for installation in closets, alcoves, utility rooms, or attics. The Super Quiet 80 has won prestigious industry awards based on innovation, design functionality and ease of use. All of this patented technology greatly reduces sound levels and is one of the most compact, installation and service-friendly designs in the industry. Also includes a Patented Heat Exchanger Warranty!
  • RHEEM Classic Series - Check them out for both 80% and 90%+ Efficient Units

Amana Gas Furnaces

The Amana brand been around for almost a century.  Offering 80% efficiency furnaces as well as 90% + efficiency furnaces, 

Amana comes forward with high quality products, and they continue to offer some of the industry's best warranties.  These warranties include a 10 year manufacturers warranty on parts (free with every model), a 10 year manufacturers warranty on replacement of the heat exchanger (free with most models), and a 10 year warranty on the labor (for an additional low price). 

Amana gas furnaces are designed with  two stage, variable speed, and multi-speed capabilities. 

  • The Amana  AMH80 (Two Stage) furnace is a popular 80% efficiency model.
  • 90%+ models include the AMH95 and the AMEC96, offered in their line of Amana Gas Premium Furnaces.

Goodman Gas Furnaces

These are the furnaces of choice for the budget minded customer who is looking for a durable unit with an affordable price tag. This furnace also has a 10-Year Parts Warranty on all other functional parts.

  • The GMS8 -  These are their 80% Efficient Furnaces. Features of this furnace unit include aluminized-steel dual-diameter tubular heat exchanger, energy-saving and quiet four-speed circulator blower motor, durable hot surface mini-igniter, and an electronic control board.
  • The GMSS96- This is Goodman's 96% Efficient Furnace. Features of this unit include a heavy-duty aluminized-steel tubular heat exchanger, a stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger, a single-stage gas valve, a durable silicon nitride igniter, a quiet single-speed induced draft blower motor, and a self-diagnostic control board.

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